In this compact training you will gain practical, in-depth knowledge on the ITIL 4 “Create, Deliver & Support” (CDS) and “Direct, Plan & Improve” (DPI) topics. In just 5 days you will acquire all the knowledge you need to pass the two official exams and take a decisive step on the way to becoming an ITIL 4 Managing Professional.

You will learn the relevant training content, such as a deep understanding of value streams or essential principles and concepts for Direct and Plan, in an interactive and hands-on manner online. This is where the SERVIEW Workbook Principle comes in handy: One of our certified trainers will teach you all the necessary specialist skills live via our learning platform — just like in face-to-face training.

SERVIEW’s ITIL 4 Compact Training is officially accredited by the Official Accreditor of ITIL (AXELOS). It is characterized by its high practical relevance, which guarantees that all the crucial ITIL 4 content will be conveyed to you in the best way possible. After you have passed both exams, the only thing you will need for a successful certification as an ITIL 4 Managing Professional are the “Drive Stakeholder Value” (DSV) and “High Velocity IT” (HVIT) thematic modules.

Your benefits:

  • Live training with a real trainer
  • Training according to the SERVIEW Workbook Principle
  • Digital training material
  • No travel time and costs
  • Independent of location

Please note: If you book directly, the exam fee is included in the final price.

2250 EUR p.P.

excl. VAT
examination required
examination fee 680 EUR
p.P. excl. VAT
exam insurance 158 EUR
p.P. excl. VAT
5 days
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SERVIEW’s Virtual Live Classroom (VLC) Training works just like face-to-face training — only online! To take part in a VLC training course, all you need is a workstation with a stable Internet connection, a headset and a webcam.

You will work through all the content of this ITIL 4 training in a dynamic dialogue with a certified SERVIEW trainer. You will learn in an interactive manner and at exactly the right pace since the innovative SERVIEW Workbook Principle guarantees a meaningful exchange between trainers and participants. Just like in face-to-face training, you can ask questions, give feedback and discuss ideas live with other participants at any time. Thanks to our interactive learning platform and the education packages sent in advance, you have all the options offered by physical seminar room training available to you.


This course requires the successfully completed ITIL 4 Foundation.


Training starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. (CET), including sufficient break times (coffee breaks, lunch break).


Duration90 minutes per exam.
Two exams (CDS and DPI) are taken per course.
You will take the online exams after the training on a date of your choice.
Format40 multiple choice questions, each with 4 possible answers, only one of which is correct
Additional informationTo pass each exam, you need to score 28 points (70%).
The maximum score is 40 points (100%).
No aids are allowed. 
Exam languagesEnglish
Examination institutePEOPLECERT
Serview Training Different