Edutainment instead of PowerPoint — The SERVIEW Workbook Principle

PowerPoint and boredom are banned from our ITIL® trainings. Since 2002, we have been relentlessly pursuing the goal of imparting knowledge in an entertaining way. For us, training without fun is not advanced training.

Serview icon notebook

During a SERVIEW training course, the trainer works through the respective content together with the participants — in an understandable manner, with humor, and at exactly the right pace. Clear flipcharts and the SERVIEW Workbook come in handy as well during training.

The focus is on people: Why not PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentations squeeze inspiring content into a monotonous, lifeless structure. Text on slides discourages feelings, tires you out and kills all the fun. Yet it is precisely emotions that anchor what we have learned securely in our heads. There is no added value with PowerPoint. That’s why we use our SERVIEW Workbook Principle to declare war on systematic boredom.

Authentic and dynamic: Working with the Workbook

In a SERVIEW training, you can actively participate in the seminar thanks to our Workbook Principle. Our workbooks consist of “finished” and “unfinished” pages. The “finished” pages contain valuable additional information and explanations. The “unfinished” pages show drawings and texts that are still incomplete at the beginning of the training. Trainers have the same content in front of them in the form of a flipchart.

During training, you will complete your “unfinished” pages guided by trainers. They explain and add the content on the flipchart while all participants fill out their workbooks. There will be enough time for reflection and documentation. This makes the training efficient and targeted, without being overwhelming. Simple messages and clear everyday examples reinforce the knowledge learned.

The SERVIEW Workbook Principle creates targeted communication between trainers and participants — the focus is clearly on cooperation. This allows you to work through all the ITIL training content together and with a very personal touch.