ITIL® 4 qualification scheme — Your way towards certification

Find your place easily in the world of IT Service Management! ITIL 4 offers a modular qualification approach. It highlights different aspects of the framework depending on the priorities set. There are three certifications that can be obtained through training.

ITIL Foundation — The start of every ITIL journey

ITIL Foundation is the cornerstone of all certifications. Here you will gain a practical overview of the ITIL 4 practices, functions and roles. Based on this, you can complete further courses, which are divided into three so-called streams.

Managing Professional (MP) — The IT-savvy expert

he ITIL 4 Managing Professional Status demonstrates your practical and technical knowledge of how to successfully use modern and IT-enabled services, teams and workflows. To achieve it, you need to successfully complete four thematic modules. On the one hand, this includes all three courses — “Create, Deliver & Support”, “Drive Stakeholder Value” and “High Velocity IT” — from the ITIL Specialist Qualification Stream. On the other hand, you need to have passed the “Direct, Plan & Improve” module exam from the ITIL Strategist Stream.

If you are already an ITILv3 Expert or have accumulated at least 17 credits according to the ITILv3 qualification scheme, you can complete the Managing Professional Transition instead of the four thematic modules. Thanks to a training course precisely tailored to your previous knowledge, you can easily migrate to the ITIL 4 framework.

Strategic Leader (SL) — The smart decision maker

With the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Certificate, you will demonstrate the ability to develop and implement an effective IT and digital strategy. As a Strategic Leader, you understand the value of ITIL not just for IT but for all digital services — and have a clear understanding of how ITIL influences and guides digital business strategies. To reach this level, you will need the ITIL Leader “Digital & IT Strategy” thematic module and a successfully completed exam from the ITIL Strategist “Direct, Plan & Improve” module.

If you are already a Managing Professional, you only need to complete the first module to be successfully certified as a Strategic Leader.

ITIL 4 Master — The Champion

The Master Status is the final qualification in the ITIL framework. This degree cannot be obtained through training as it demonstrates the safe implementation of various ITIL principles, methods and techniques in practice. To advance to the ITIL Master Status, one of the two Strategic Leader or Managing Professional certifications as well as at least 5 years of successful work in a corresponding management environment are required.