Facing the test: SERVIEW exam insurance

Every exam is an individual challenge and stage fright is often an additional burden. This is where SERVIEW’s exam insurance can help. By giving you a non-bureaucratic second chance, we create a secure framework for you to take the exam. Because if the result is not as expected, you can retake all the exams included in the training once, without any hurdles or additional costs.

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Despite our excellent pass rates, we can’t guarantee 100% exam success. But thanks to our exam insurance, you can take your exams with a new level of confidence, relaxed and focused. The exam insurance price is based on the exam fees and varies depending on the training.

An example:

If you take the ITIL Foundation with exam insurance for €49.00 and fail the exam, you don’t have to pay another €225.00 exam fee. If you retake the exam, you save €176.00 with exam insurance – that’s more than 80%.